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Author is an excellent writer.

It is truly a typical life story and states how our Lord loves, guides, and protects us thru life circumstances if we will only believe and call unto Him.. He is ever present with those who believe in Him. There is ONLY ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD. HE REIGNS. If you do not believe you are missing out on some of the sweetest blessings you will ever experience and there is no relationship to compare.

Enjoyable reading and a great series

Janyth Robertson, Amazon

Great story…great lessons too!

Mr Pratt is a very good writer, storyteller and teacher. I enjoyed every chapter, every character and the flow of the book. The lessons taught through the lives of the characters are foundational. I appreciated being reminded of the most important things in life and the eternities. Well done, and thank you! Already bought the 2nd book.

Todd Douglas, Amazon

It’s never to late to forgive

Sometimes mean and horrible things happen in life. We can learn from them and make us strong or wallow in memories that pull us down.
God was Matt’s guide and will always be. He made mistakes and paid for them all his life. His ability to learn from the school of hard knocks made him the only man that could be in the right place and time to save friends. Well written and holds you spellbound wanting more.

Betty, Amazon


When I started to read this book it drew me in and never let go until the very end. Would recommend Ken’s books. He has put all a person could hope for, action, love, the message of God and the problems that are dealt with in real life. Ready for next book about Bannister.

Kindle Customer, Amazon

Willow Falls – A Very Unusual Christian Western Novel

SP has written about a man who becomes a US Marshal known throughout the a southwest. He has maintained his religious beliefs as he has hunted the worse elements of the criminal society. His reputation as a Deputy US Marshal has led him through many dangerous and hazardous manhunts. His family remains part of his life and they keep his feet attached to the ground. This ius an excellent read for the genre

Kindle Customer, Amazon

Ken Pratt says in interviews that he wants to bring hope to the reader through his writing. His Christian outlook and philosophy shines through in “Willow Falls.” I wouldn’t call it preachy, although his characters present much religious thought, but it’s handled with judiciousness and a lack of coercion, and was not at all offensive to me as I read his novel. There was a lot to think about in their actions and reflections as the book progressed.

Matt Bannister and Elizabeth engage in a one-night affair that produces a child for the already married woman. Chagrined and extremely upset, Matt leaves the area to reduce the backlash that was sure to follow. A son, Gabriel, was subsequently born and the husband, Tom, now the town’s sheriff, was never told of the incident, believing the child was his, although the boy’s physical appearance closely resembled that of the boy’s biological dad. The appearance was so evident that I though this might be a somewhat weak element to the story. Matt returns fifteen years later to reunite with his family and immediately gets involved with four bad guys who have been arrested for horse theft and who murder a deputy sheriff to affect their escape. Bannister, now an infamous lawman from Wyoming, famous for his exploits, and reportedly the perpetrator of many deaths during his arrests, is selected to lead a small posse to pursue the fugitives who have taken Elizabeth, the town sheriff’s wife, hostage. Well. You can fill in the rest, because it’s fairly scripted.

What’s effective about the story are the ruminations of Matt, Elizabeth, Tom (who is now aware and furious about the deception), Gabriel, and most of the rest of both affected families. Their thoughts, opinions, and behavior frame the story as it proceeds to its climax. Not surprisingly, all is well by the end. Pratt is very effective at bringing the attitudes to the forefront and describing how ideas and thoughts change as time and circumstances evolve. There is much to think about in his presentation that the reader might or might not agree with. Conversations are clear and lucid and presented with in correct dialect and reality. Religious philosophy is important but never overpowers Pratt’s writing.

I enjoyed the presentation, the story, and the personal trials as presented by the author. This is obviously the beginning of a series and nothing I read would preclude me from enjoying more of the story. Number one in sales at Amazon so something’s right here.

Schuyler T Wallace, Amazon